Brazilian singer-songwriter is back with a new album full of beautifully written, arranged, performed and produced compositions that will bring a ray of light to your day, week, life.

Tiê’s early albums, “Sweet Jardim” from 2009 and “A Coruja e o Coração” from 2011, brought intimate songs focused just on the artist’s voice and guitar. A few years ago, she relased “Esmeraldas”, on which she took some risks, seeming more confident both of herself and her fans.

A couple of weeks ago, she came back with another impressive full-length simply titled “Gaya“, once again dressing her powerful melodies in delicate arrangements that will mesmerize you more and more with every listen.

Across “Gaya’s” eleven tracks, acoustic guitars and piano pair up with strings, shiny pop beats and synths share space with elegant minimalism, but Tiê’s unmistakenable vocals stay with us from the first to the last song.

A recent single from the album, “Amuleto” is an example of the more intimate side of Tiê’s creativity, reminding us about where this artists comes from, and what she apparently keeps deep in her heart regardless of the current musical explorations.

Stream “Gaya” LP on Spotify and YouTube.


Photo: Tati Domais

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