Tik Tu & Madalitso Band

If it wasn’t the lockdown, we could have never heard of the new collaboration between Ukrainian band Tik Tu and a Malawian duo Madalitso. What a boring summer that could be! The story goes like this.

After listening to the Madalitso band for a while, guys from Tik Tu decided to send them an email with gratitude for their music and… offer a collaboration. Little did they know that soon enough this will turn into a borderless creative process.

That’s how the ‘Sitimamenya’ song was created. It tells a story about educating misbehaved children with a piece of advice instead of getting physical. Taking off from the Madalitso’s song, Tik Tu managed to add plenty of new sounds, instruments and even a Ukrainian verse to it.

In the same way two teams created the video – shooting their parts separately and exchanging them to develop into the full story. So get ready to smile from ear to ear while watching it!

Madalitso broke onto the international music scene after their performance at Sauti Za Busara Festival in Zanzibar in 2017, although the band used to perform for over 10 years in Malawi. Since then, they have performed at Roskilde Festival (Denmark), WOMAD (UK) and hundreds of other events in Europe and Africa.

Tik Tu as a band started out in 2014 and are known for mixing electronic and instrumental sound. Imagine it as a combination of samplers, flute, violin, drums and many other sounds, while listening to the lyrics in three languages (English, Ukrainian and Lithuanian).

Despite the lockdown, the band – which was featured in our Best of 2019 – is going to perform at the hybrid version of Waves Vienna showcase festival and actively working on new tracks in their home studio.


Tik Tu on Facebook, Instagram. Madalitso Band on Facebook, Instagram.

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