Sometimes you just need to be patient, sometimes you just have to wait, that’s what Timea sings / shares calming our restless minds.

Warmth. That is exactly what Timea’s EP “Confusions of Warmth” brought in 2020 to the Slovak music scene. Warmth of her voice as well as warmth of her sound. Since then she’s released two more singles, “Patience” is the latest one.

Timea lets her ideas hit her in a spontaneous way. What do you do when an inspiration won’t come though? This is the essential line of the song “Patience”. The solution: sometimes you just need to be patient to achieve something, sometimes you just have to wait.

Writing her own lyrics and music, Timea sets the mood: she moves you to her universe of down tempo music calming your restless mind.

Her skills are proven by live shows with a band as well as a solo gig. Just her and a piano is enough to make you listen.


Timea on Instagram, Facebook.

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