Tin Fingers

Half melancholic, half hopeful sound, plus a children choir.

The coming months are bound to be very important for Tin Fingers, a Belgian band that’s been around for about eight years now, and plans to release a full album in the second half of 2020.

They’ve been gathering awareness and fans through small and big contests, working their way up from tiny venues to big festivals like Pukkelpop, which has put the band name on the lips of many music lovers in their home country.

Judging from their first single of 2020, “Fomo For Kids”, the band sound has become fuller and more professional, while maintaining the characteristics that make Tin Fingers what they are. The high vocals of Felix Machtelinckx are leading the poppy melodies, mostly laidback, half melancholic and half hopeful.

If there was something as a typical 2020 sound, “Fomo For Kids” would probably fit in very well. On the other hand, if you would include the song in a playlist with new wave from the eighties, it would be hard to single it out as the odd one out.

The next Tin Fingers single is said to be released in April. It would not surprise us if by December their music is all over the place. We recommend you to keep an eye on their social media in order to avoid fomo.


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Photo: Leontien Allemeersch

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