Tin Fingers

“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. I don’t remember where I first heard this quote, but it’s a nice one to describe the career of Tin Fingers.

The band was founded in 2011, won “De Zes”, a leading pop and rock contest in Antwerp, in 2015, and aimed for the gold medal in the very important Humo’s Rock Rally in 2016. That didn’t work out, however, because Tin Fingers got eliminated in the semi-finals. Which must have been very sour for them.

But hey, the band members kept on believing in themselves, and started writing and recording their EP “No Hero”, of which they chose “Young Mother” as a single. Without being very original, the song has everything a modern indie pop tune needs to have: a catchy melody, a gifted singer, a groovy bass line and clever breaks to create attractive dynamics.

2018 seems to be the year in which Tin Fingers will manage to pick the fruits of its labour. Its star has been rising in Belgium for the past few months. Will the rest of Europe follow soon?

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Photo:  Lars Moereels

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