Tobogán Andaluz

Songs about Buenos Aires, hotels and films, from acclaimed Argentinian indie group Tobogán Andaluz.

Tobogán Andaluz is one of the most steady indie bands in Argentina. It all started in 2010 as a solo project of the singer-songwriter Facu Tobogán (later, he’d properly release solo albums). In 2012 they published the acclaimed debut “Viaje de luz“, which led to many gigs and tours in the country.

The band had an international reach with “Luz Satelital“, their album from 2016. With this one, they got to play in México, Perú, Spain, and other countries. Some vibes of those trips can be heard in their most recent album: “Poesía para edificios“, their fifth studio effort.

In these 7 new songs, we can listen to the longing of someone who is being loved and missed in the distance. There are bossa-nova inspirations, songs dedicated to Buenos Aires, about hotels, and even a homage to filmmaker Agnès Varda.

One of the cuts of this new album is “Habitación 205”, which is described as a “big breakfast in a flooded bedroom”: a song about the highs and the lows of relationships, combining new palettes for the band such as a saxophone with guitar effects and new keyboard sounds.

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