Meet Tolstoys, a Slovak band to watch closely in 2017.

There are bands that wait for their moment to win some sort of recognition for years. They tour, they release EPs but they just can’t “make it” no matter how hard they try. And then there are bands like Tolstoys – the kind of bands that fly out from somewhere so fast, it is unique even on a small scene like the Slovak one.

They are barely in their twenties and they will release their first album in September. However, they have already played Pohoda, the biggest Slovak festival and toured with Billy Barman, one of the most famous bands in here.

Tolstoys, namely Ela Tolstova (vocals), Pavol Rehák (piano), Matej Herceg (drums), Michal Smetana (bass guitar) and Frederika Camastra (violin) became the Slovak band to watch closely in 2017.

At first, they seem to resemble other acts with strong female vocalists that are so common in the recent years. However, Tolstoys do not strictly depend on their vocalist – they compose great melodies and are capable of playing them live as if they were much more experienced.

They have a strong visual, distinguishable sound and two great musicians in their rhytm section lying in wait. And all of that they have accomplished even before they released a proper LP or EP. One should definitely keep an eye on them.


Tolstoys on Facebook.

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