In their new video, Slovak group Tolstoys contemplate slowing down.

Honestly, how did you spend last couple of months? Stuck at home, watching TV shows you thought that you’d never watch, failing to learn how to cook, and the list goes on. There’s no shame to admit others might have been more productive.

Like Tolstoys. They managed to put their touring plans aside and write a song reflecting what was going on in lives of all of us.

Their new single “Tempo” is literally about slowing down. Through colours of a traffic light and growing up metaphors Tolstoys observe suddenly empty space around them. They’re also bringing up a question whether we’re actually able and willing to slow our lives down.

The band itself faced a challenge of writing and recording new song across three differenet countries (Slovakia, Czech republic and Germany). The impressive video of an illuminating dark queen reigning over deserted city is just a cherry on top. Well done, Tolstoys!


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