As their name might suggest, Tonqixod are not your typical band but rather a psychedelic experience brought to the 21st century.

Tonqixod are the black sheep of modern Belarusian music – in the times when everyone else is either still playing alternative rock or venturing into modern indie/electronica/hip-hop they go for their own refreshed version of a long forgotten art/prog/psychedelia stuff.

A two-singer threepiece won many awards in Belarus with their debut album “Pradmova” (Foreword) two years ago – including Best Rock Album from (voted by Belarusian and foreign critics).

Their new effort, “Koler, jakoha niama” (The Colour That Doesn’t Exist), is as good as their debut (including very special – both by sound and content – all-Belarusian lyrics), just a bit more focused on atmosphere, melody and songwriting rather than dynamics.

“Zarathustra” is an epic 9,5-minute closing track of this album with some nice references to King Crimson in their glory days.

By the way, the name Tonqixod is a play of words. It can be translated as Cunning (or Smart) Move (from both Russian and Belarusian – just in a wicked spelling), while obviously pointing to Don Quixote from the famous novel about the knight, who fought against windmills by Miguel de Cervantes.

Stream “Koler, jakoha niama” LP on Soundcloud or Bandcamp.


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