Tõnu Kõrvits

Tõnu Kõrvits is among the most renown contemporary classical composers in Estonia.

On “Moorland Elegies”, Kõrvits has taken the texts of Emily Bronte and transformed them into cinematic texture-rich soundscapes and lush yet intricate harmonies that glimmer with life, lust, desire, despair, depth, spirit and sophistication. There are shadows, half-tones, twists and turns, whispers and murmurs, and an underlying mesmerizing mystery that sounds a bit like a setting from an ancient fairy tale or the elf town Rivendell in Lord of the Rings. The tones are at times crisp and crystal clear, at times moody and twisted, or seductive in their cloud of oriental moods and spices.

These stories of love and loss are eloquently recited by the Tallinn Chamber Choir and Tallinn Chamber Orchestra. The dizzying highs and lows, the crescendos and diminuendos are a fine piece of story-telling where the choir and the orchestra become characters in the story, landscapes in the background, a gush of breeze in the darkness and the star-lit skies. The delicate delivery of the musical masterpiece, where musicians take the shape and form of the music itself is true magic.


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