Tralalí Lalá

The gifted Mexican trio has recently resurfaced with a new song, “Hogar (El Cuemacirelulu)”, accompanied by a poignant clip.

It’s been a while since Tralalí Lalá released their excellent debut album, “Tramontana,” back in 2015. Luckily, just before the summer, they premiered a new single, indicating that the band might be working on a follow-up.

On “Hogar (El Cuemacirelulu)” the core trio of vocalist Citlalli García, guitarist Kleemp and bassist Erik Vázquez is joined by Jerson Vázquez on drums and Juan Manuel Torreblanca on synths, but they sound more restrained than ever.

In contrast to the fiery music found on “Tramontana,” the song primarily relies on subtle arrangements and whispery vocals that foreground its melancholic mood.

While “Hogar’s” wistful atmosphere might seem to hark back to Tralalí Lalá’s first EP, it’s less about experimenting with different genres and instead draws its strength from a simple yet haunting melody.

As such, it proves that the band’s songwriting is evolving and getting more sophisticated, adding more layers to the music without losing their signature sound.

Let’s hope it will bring Tralalí Lalá more recognition they certainly deserve.


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