“It is always my fault,” sing Tricot in “DeDeDe”, an excellent first single off their upcoming new album.

A lot of news is coming from Tricot. Formed in Kyoto, now based in Tokyo and touring all around the globe, this female rock trio will release their third LP “3” on May 17th via Topshelf Records in the US and Big Scary Monsters in UK.

Thanks to them, you can discover many great musicians. First, tricot gave us fantastic playlist of female musicians on Topshelf Records’ Spotify playlist. Second, Tricot played at After Hours music festival curated by Envy, Mono and Downy on April 9th. This lineup includes almost all of popular Japanese alternative / post-rock musicians.

“DeDeDe”, their 1st single off the new LP, is of course excellent. They sing about confusion in human relationships. Dizzy guitar sounds express the hesitation when thinking at night: “What was I supposed to do that time?”. We sometimes keep regretting something again and again. We are all a walking disaster. Actually, at the end of this song the singer confesses: “It is always my fault.”

Tricot will start Japan tour this summer and it will last to fall. Probably, they will soon come to the US and Europe again.


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