Tricot have released their first major label album “Black” (真っ黒, or Makkuro), where melodies are more important than ever before.

Usually, Tricot start working on new songs with instrumental tracks, and after that they add melodies. But this time, melodies for the chorus came first, and arrangements followed. As the result of this new approach, Tricot’s new album is more song-oriented.

In an interview for Natalie, the band’s singer and guitarist Ikkyu Nakajima said: “I’m fickle”. Indeed, she once shared a new song from her solo project, and started another band Genie High. Of course, Tricot also has been changing.

Ikkyu also said that “Black” includes various emotions – like fun, sadness, being cool, but first of all, strength. I agree. Tricot’s music is joy to listen, but it can also give you the power to overcome sadness.

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