Soothing synth songwriter pop for an overwhelmed generation.

Every now and then, an artist pops up apparently out of nowhere, seeming like they’ve been around all along – but still sounding completely fresh. In Tschimy’s case, the reason for this pleasant first impression is twofold.

First, he actually has been around all along. In just a few years, the young musician has journeyed from lo-fi singer-songwriter beginnings through playing bass in a funk band to producing excellently chill trap beats. And second, his debut solo release, “Human OS“, actually combines the vibes of all his previous endeavors into a sound that’s rooted in musical tradition, but still inexplicably current.

And it’s not only the warm synthetic undertones that make us feel right at home in Tschimy’s low-key pop songs. The smooth, stylish production is also a backdrop for stories just as gentle, impressions from rainy city mornings after the party, heads empty but hearts full. Tschimy plays along with the sound of the crowd, but takes the time to explore his feelings underneath the good time façade. He uses his poetic Slovenian to ridicule pop tropes, staying close to a youthful enthusiasm tinged with soft melancholia.

This is a talented multi-instrumentalist who just created a “vintage Turkish disco banger” out of quarantine boredom, who carries his heart on his sleeve with humility while goofy-dancing his way through a show.

As lockdown will have it, his first solo gig happened just this November at Ljubljana’s premier concert venue, Kino Šiška – in streaming form. “I miss dancing”, he sings in “Afterparti”. We too, Tschimy, we too. Can’t wait to dance along to these songs as soon as we may.

Stream “Human OS” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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