Tuğçe Kurtiş

On her new EP “Songs for my Grandmother”, Tuğçe Kurtiş presents us some of the favourite Turkish songs of her grandmother.

Over all these thousands artists from around the world we have covered over the last few years, Tuğçe Kurtiş has been among the most consistent quality-wise, but unpredictable and gripping with her consecutive artistic choices.

And once again, she brings a completely new story with her new EP, “Songs for my Grandmother”. Well, maybe not so completely new because on this new effort she remakes three old Turkish songs – a bit like on her 2015 EP “Songs for Another Day” – but it all sounds as fresh as if it was born yesterday.

For the new EP, Tuğçe naturally teamed up with her longtime partner – Paraguay-born, US-based producer Santiago Ferreira also known as Santi – and once again we can call it a perfect pair, with 21st century dancefloor atmosphere mixed with the sounds of marimba, old synths and percussions.

“In both of these albums, we drew upon many local characteristics and sounds associated with music from this region of the world, but we also infused them with unique elements to create a more contemporary, hybrid and dance-floor oriented sound,” Tuğçe wrote about this album.

“This EP is dedicated to the memory of my grandparents,” she adds, “and it consists of some of her grandmother’s favorite songs.”

Stream “Songs for my Grandmother” EP on Soundcloud.


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