Cihan Murtezaoglu

One of the most beloved names in the alternative music scene in Turkey, Cihan Murtezaoglu has created a loyal follower base for himself over the years.

Almost anyone hearing his songs and the sound of his fretless guitar easily comes to one conclusion: Cihan Murtezaoglu’s music is as honest as it gets and he surely puts his heart in it.

Softness of his voice and the sweet melancholy of his lyrics make his songs a great fit for a calm and thoughtful evening. One of his most recent, “Bir Beyaz Orkide” (A White Orchid), is about the heartbreak after a breakup and the feelings of numbness and despair that comes with it.

Although it sounds very unoriginal when described like this, Cihan’s words and voice are more than enough to overcome the danger of creating musical a cliché.

Cihan Murtezaoglu on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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