Emir Yargın

Emir Yargın, a former drummer, first showed himself at a prestigious music competition named Roxy Music Awards in 2007 among upcoming musicians. He got the second prize with two songs, “Çorap” and “Köpek”.

Three years later he released his first album “Tokat” recorded together with Onor Bumbum, a Turkish electronic music producer. Nearly for all songs in his album were accompanied by attractive videos, some of them self-produced. Besides that, he’s also put out many viral mixes of funny trending videos.

In 2014, Emir released a single titled “Kanka Olurduk Ölümüne“, and a year later we can hear his more electronic second album “Geri Dönüşüm Kutusundaki Anılar“, where he mixes different music genres and flavors.

Recently, he’s been working with KZU (Murat Yılmaz) as his producer. He already released 2 music videos from the last album (“Kalple Beynin Savaşı” and “Oturmaya mı Geldik“), which attracted not only the alternative scene but also found their way to mass media.

Currently Emir is producing new songs, jingles and works on new tracks with KZU as a dance music duo We Ride Camels, which is set to play on international stages.


Emir Yargın on Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, www. See also the micro site for “Geri Dönüşüm Kutusundaki Anılar“.

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