Santi & Tugçe Kurtis

“The origin of this song is unknown. It is sometimes referred to as ‘Urfa turkusu’, the folk song of Urfa, a city in Southeastern Turkey. Many singers in Turkey have made covers of this song,” tells us the Turkish singer Tuğçe Kurtiş.

She has recorded her own version of “Urfa’nın Etraf” for the new album featuring “songs from the Balkans and Anatolia set to global beats.” Titled “Songs for Another Day“, the record is her cooperation with the Paraguay-born, US-based producer Santiago Ferreira a.k.a. Santi.

While he’s made the beats for their version of “Urfa’nın Etraf”, Tuğçe recorded all the vocals:

“You can find a very old and traditional version of it on YouTube. The song starts at 2:38 preceded by a long intro,” adds Tuğçe. “It is a song about loss and lament.”


Tuğçe Kurtiş on Soundcloud. Santi on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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