Although many music lovers heard them in 2007 when they released their first album “Suluşaka”, Peyk’s history starts in 1991, that we all should respect. (God knows we do respect them.)

In 2011, the İstanbul-based group gave us their second album called “İçimdeki İz”, and their third full-length effort came out in 2014. It was titled “Teslim Olma”, or “Stand Firm”.

As you can guess from the name, that record has a strong opposition feeling based on traumas that Turkey experienced in the recent years like Gezi Resistance, Soma Disaster and all kind of problematic issues that we all lived through. That’s why, in a way, it is a real rock album that we should celebrate.

“Köleler ve Kilitler”, which means “Slaves and Locks”, is a record from a special session of Babylon, one of the most prestigious stages in Istanbul. This song hasn’t been included on any album yet, which gives us a hope for an upcoming record.


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