Tús Nua

Blurry, dreamy, dark new video from the shoegaze/dream-pop/post-rock trio Tús Nua.

For me, the best new act in Croatia of 2017 was Tús Nua. Their debut album “Horizons” is simply magnificent (Croatian beehype team selected the album as the second in yearly pool) with a lot of great shoegaze/dream pop/post rock tunes.

Tús Nua is formed by three girls from Zagreb. In this formation, they have been playing since 2016 (origins of Tús Nua are in 2014). They had one EP called “Existence” (2014), but the real success arrived with “Horizons” which was on the top of many 2017 lists in Croatia.

The highlight of the album is definitely the single “There’s a thin line between everything”. Finally, this intriguing and atmospheric song got a video which was directed by frontwomen Jordi. And that was the best choice, because she described the song in the best way.

Blurry, impressive, a little bit dark, dreamy, unusual, weird… Perfect!


Photo: Matej Požega

Tús Nua on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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