Tusen Takk

Norwegian band Tusen Takk has less than a thousand plays per song on Spotify, but should certainly have more. Through emotional and honest lyrics combined with chill guitars, sparkling piano chords and innovative synth productions, they have made a sound design which is hard to ignore.

Tusen Takk, meaning “a thousand thanks”, first released their single “Tommel Opp” (“Thumbs Up”) back in 2015, but debuted with the EP “Lakrisbåter” earlier this year. On the EP we find the superior track “Trynet Ditt”, the Norwegian slang for “your face”, which describes the feeling of being rejected by your special someone while trying to forget everything that didn’t work out and at the same time being surrounded by feelings, memories and images from the past.

As everyone who has experienced having their heart broken can relate to: It is arguably extremely hard to forget the rejector’s face – especially when you are trying very hard to.

Unn Lange Buer’s vocals are soft yet enjoyably intrusive and adds an alluring top line to the sound landscape put together by catchy guitar riffs, steady bass lines and a restrained, but very becomingly brass progressions.

“Both you and I know that only time can help me,” Buer sings reluctantly before continuing desperately on the refrain: “Counting thoughts and days and nights since you said no”.


Stream “Lakrisbåter” EP here.

Photo: Håkon Borg

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