Tuyo represents some of the best things that are happening in Brazilian music this year.

Let alone their debut album is making a splash among critics, their members also contributed to a number of highly-rated albums by artists like Baco Exu do Blues and Mulamba. Their style is rather unique — harmonizing voices from its three members and somber lyrics are joined by electronic beats and sweet guitar arrangements.

Pra Curar” is one of the best debut albums Brazilian music has seen in quite some time. It has depth and feeling. Their lyrics are not shy about touching delicate topics — almost all of them are melancholic reflections on relationships and life experiences.

While most of the sound is based on modern music trends, Tuyo also does a great job of mixing traditional Brazilian music instruments and styles to help shape their atmosphere. The ballad “Vidaloca” (below) and the beautiful “Eu Não Te Conheço” are solid examples of why this band should stay on everyone’s radar, but “Pra Curar” is a statement by itself.

It’s one of the best releases of 2018.

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