Tuyo x Supercolisor

Acoustic ballad at first, this song eventually explodes into a beautiful wall of vocal layers.

Tuyo is already a favorite of beehype. They released one of 2018’s best records with “Pra Curar”, a sincere reflection about relationships and melancholy. Since its release, the band has been basically living in the studio and recorded a handful of collaborations with a diverse roster of artists like rapper Rashid, emo band Fresno, and indie rock outfit Baleia.

One of their most recent releases is “Um e Meio” with Supercolisor. Instrumentally, the song is stunning — starting out as an acoustic ballad, the track eventually progresses and explodes into a beautiful wall of sound made of vocal layers, crisp percussion and dreamy guitar chords.

Lyrically, the song is a bittersweet story about the fear of reconnecting with someone after so much has passed. In the chorus, the fear is laid out:

“It’s not that I’m afraid of meeting you again
But having to talk to you
I need to think if I really want this pain to explode
die and be reborn”

“Um e Meio” will be on Supercolisor’s next studio album, due this year. Meanwhile, Tuyo is still pumping out collabs. In the past few weeks, they released “Pivete” with Terno Rei and “Quando For Falar de Amor” with Fióti.


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