Twin Haus

Almost two years after their debut EP, “Waxen Myriad“, the Brisbane-based group returns with a new record of similar length, but they halved the number of tracks.

With a pair of about ten-minute semi-suits and two shorter tracks on this new record called “Nothing Lavish” EP, Twin Haus present themselves to us with impressive versatility married with a talent for memorable themes and – we should mention it first – atmosphere building.

Start with the majestic opener “Synthetic Egg” (below), and whether you’re a fan classic 70s progrock or current experimental indie/post rock heroes like Radiohead, you’ll find it difficult to stop. But as thrilling as this EP is, it seems the best from this four-piece is still to come.

You can stream “Nothing Lavish” EP in its entirety here.


Twin Haus on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

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