The last time we visited Dmitry Shurov – one of Kiev’s most acclaimed musicians also known as the Pianoboy (Pianoбой) – he metaphorically summed up the drama his motherland has been going through. Now he wants to save the whole world with just one thing: “Кохання”, or “Love”.

This is the second single off his upcoming new album, to be released this fall via Music for Masses (Музика для Мас) and Enjoy Records, a label working with some artists already presented on beehype like Bahroma, Onuka and Jamala.

“Кохання” is a magnificent tribute to the rock/soul hymns of the 60s/70s, with an euphoric string section, Hammond organs and a female choir backing Dmitry in the uplifting chorus.

Yet it’s driven not only by impressive sound (mastered at Abbey Road). It’s also a love poem dedicated to Love itself. A feeling that – if shared – is capable of doing miracles and defeating any evil.


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