Unesko is the side project of two Ukrainian musicians: Kasha Saltsova from the Krykhitka band and Valentin Paniuta from Vagonovozhatiye (Tramdrivers), and previously Lyuk (Lюk).

Since their debut two years ago, they have been releasing new music very rarely, but every track they have given us to date was really powerful and interesting.

“Last Day of The Spring” (Последний День Весны) is still the last song they have recorded to date and shared via their Soundcloud. A beautiful electronic/piano ballad, it is constantly building tension and releasing it with Kasha’s quiet verses.

Apart from this latest single, I would also advice you to listen to one of their older tracks, “Krasota”, which comes from their 2013 debut EP of the same title.


Unesko on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, VKontakte.

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