Avoiding any clear categories and with the right dose of unpredictability, French trio UNNO debuted a while back with a short yet impressive EP “As We Land”.

What makes UNNO’s sound special is that it brings a futuristic atmosphere (cosmic synths), and at the same time surrounds you with an analogue-like warmth (ethnic drums). It’s often beautiful, and always intriguing.

The EP was recently re-released by Nowadays Records with two new tracks, including an outstanding song called “Salt”. While that could be our very favourite song in UNNO’s catalogue, they have also a new video for another captivating track called “Walls”.

In the clip, the director Julien Capelle follows the band travelling on a boat, and just like in the case of UNNO’s – we have no idea where they’re heading to.

You can stream “As We Land” EP on Spotify and Deezer.


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