There’s a new music genre in Italy: “declaimed noise”.

unoauno (onetoone) are three guys in their 20s, and they are from different places on the Adriatic coast of Italy. “Barafonda” is their second album, out on Ribéss Records, and they call their musical style “declaimed noise”. This means that vocals are spoken, but actually in a melodic way, and music is very loud and uncompromising, but, actually, it’s safe to say it’s not a difficult listening at all, because riffs and rhythm are cleverly vehicled into well-defined structures.

Italian independent music has a sort of tradition of bands based on the merge of spoken vocal and impactful sound: Massimo Volume, Offlaga Disco Pax and Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica are, or were, very successful, and many other bands who tried to work on this kind of idea are, or were, not really interesting, because they sounded more or less like clones. But unoauno are different and deserve the same recognition of the bands mentioned above.

Their style, in fact, is truly personal and meaningful. The most characterizing element is the lack of guitars, and the presence of just bass, drums and, sporadically, a synth. Therefore, the sound is dark and disturbing, but it’s also clean, riffs are mostly round, drum lines are out of the box but not chaotic, and arrangements are very dynamic.

The vocals work perfectly on this kind of sound, with a flow that goes with the music in a very accurate way, but not flat at all, and, actually, their expressiveness gives a feeling of an “inner melody”.

The length of “Barafonda” is just 24 minutes, but every single second is so strong and dense that, at the end of the listening, you easily feel completely satisfied, and that finally, there’s someone with clear sources of inspiration, but at the same time, who has really something to say.

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