Cielos de Plomo

The Uruguayan band Cielos de Plomo is one of the new projects that has appeared in the last year in Montevideo. They have developed a very particular sound and style.

This sound could be easily associated with bands like Radiohead or Sigur Rós. It’s kind of weird to hear music so full of textures, when there are only 3 members in the group: Francisco Trujillo, Sergio Martines and Javier Cuadro.

They come from the east of Uruguay, but slow tempo and brittle melodies make a perfect soundtrack for the streets of Montevideo. A city that seems to be in an everlasting slow motion.

This year they released their first album called “Despedida” (“Farewell”). A very emotional collection of songs with delicate arrangements. This is the beginning of a career that has the potential to be one of that bands you have to know in the upcoming years.

You can listen to “Despedida” in its entirety on Bandcamp.


Cielos de Plomo on Facebook.

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