Harvest is a new project of the Uruguayan (but semi-Swiss) multifaceted artist Iael Brener. As she declares, Harvest is “an electro doom pop project” where she put all her fears and demons in music that could sound close to Portishead, Björk or Tricky, but also rooted in doom metal.

Names of the songs included in her debut album “Erebus” are names of demons from Greek mythology. In lyrics, meanwhile, you can find those doom metal influences. It’s a complex mixture of dream pop and very depressive words.

As Sebastian Cobas, a member of Iael’s ex-band called Coral, said once about that band: “Music for dance while you cry.” It seems part of that spirit still remains in Harvest.

A few weeks ago, Harvest released her first video called “Thanatos”. The video was directed by Mathias Chumino (Cobra) and by Iael Brener herself. In the clip, the deep atmosphere of Harvest’s music is combined with glitch and opressive images.

Harvest it’s a great surprise for the Uruguayan scene. Our artists seem to be more focused on rock – in all its forms – while treating electro pop as an inferior, underrated form. I cherish and hope that Harvest could be the cornerstone for a new movement in Montevideo.

You can listen the whole album on Bandcamp.


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