Salvador García

Salvador Garcia is a prolific artist from Maldonado, Uruguay. He’s the lead singer of the band Limpiando Encontré Monedas, an actor, and also the founder of the indie label Via Láctea Ediciones.

This year he published his first solo work called “Todavía Las Nubes”. In this album, Salvador explores different styles such as Candombe, jazz and indie folk with a surprising outcome. It seems that the song is not the goal of Salvador. Rather a mean to dive into something bigger, deeper.

With its great arrangements, “El equilibrio” comes to us as the last song on the album. The orchestration resembles Arcade Fire a bit but with a mix of typical Uruguayan songs. Is is built around a crescendo where instruments are appearing and disappearing simultanously until the end. Like an emotional rollercoaster that culminates in the final chorus – a wrecking ball of the song.

The maturity of Salvador García’s debut album was a great surprise. Some artists need decades to reach that level of sophistication in their songs. In the new Uruguayan scene, Salvador Garcia is certainly one of the artists with the greatest potential.


Salvador Garcia on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter.

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