If you think that Vaarwell is a Dutch band with a crush for goodbyes, well you might want to think it all over again.

Vaarwell is a Portuguese band made in Lisbon, and one of the many names that grows everyday in the new (and much varied) Portuguese music scene.

In 2014 lies the day that Margarida Falcão (lead vocals, synths, keyboard and electric guitar), Luís Monteiro (electric bass and synths) and Ricardo Nagy (guitar and synths) joined efforts and said hello to a whole new legion of music lovers.

One year later, their first EP “Love and Forgiveness” reaches daylight and quickly runned over several radios from in and out of the country.

In the final days of April, Vaarwell has released their debut album. “Homebound 456” is the name, such as the name of its second single.

“Homebound 456” is a full-grown work where 11 songs make magic happen in a totally different way from their previous efforts.

It’s easy to get lost in Margarida’s angelic voice, and it’s easy to get lost in every second of Vaarwell’s debut album as well.

Stream “Homebound 456” LP on Bandcamp.


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