Valeria Stoica

Talented singer-songwriter Valeria Stoica sums up the first chapter of her career.

“I was waiting for this moment for so long,” wrote Valeria Stoica when she shared her debut album, truly long-awaited by thousands of fans she has won over the years.

This singer-songwriter from the Republic of Moldova started to gain attention earlier this decade – like many other young artists of her generation with covers of her favourite musicians, including Jessie Ware or Daughter.

Soon enough, however, she started writing her own songs with an immediate success. Over the years, she’s kept realising singles and now when she finally published her proper full-length debut, “I Don’t Like Roses”, she is already an experienced songwriter and performer.

We should consider “I Don’t Like Roses” a summary of that first long chapter of her career, with some songs (“Remember”) as old as 2014. The record is as consistent though is if this material was recorded during one studio session.

What we love about it is that while English is Valeria Stoica’s number one choice, she did keep a couple of songs in Moldovan – “Distante” and “Poate” – and if you ask us, we’d admit they happen to be our favourite.

But whatever language Valeria prefers in future, we’ll keep our ears wide open for her beguiling voice. “This chapter is done, and it was a beautiful one,” she wrote in another post, “see you in the next one.”

Stream “I Don’t Like Roses” LP on Spotify and YouTube.


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