If there’s one man synonymous with the offbeat and unusual in contemporary Georgian music, it must be Vakhtang Kantaria.

Nobody knows what tricks are up the sleeve of this multi-instrumentalist who goes by the name Vaqo.
Having started as a part of The W, the guitar duo he had with his brother, he has recently been recording all his releases on his own, playing on almost everything possible.

This year he dropped a bombshell of a single – a whooping 19-minute psychedelic trip to 17th century Georgia with the accompanying video.

God knows how he could convey a fictional local character story through a country music-inspired mantra but it fits perfectly, resulting in an ecstatic yet unexpectedly light-hearted experience from start to finish.

Vaqo has followed this epic up with three more singles from “The Land Of Kartvelians,” his next studio album that Studio Hundert will release on January 10, 2022.


Vaqo on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud.

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