Vast & Hazy

Originally a four-piece student band formed in 2011, Vast & Hazy has won many different music awards because of their refreshing folk style.

After releasing their debut EP, the band has been disbanded for two years. The lead singer Ka Ka Yen (顏靜萱) and guitarist Yi-Chi Lin (林易祺) decided to reform the group as a duo, and keep searching for their unfinished music dreams.

Renowned for the powerful and moving vocal, Ka Ka Yen has made much progress in her singing and writes sensitive, poetic lyrics, which touche the audiences’ hearts. The songs were mainly written and composed by Yi-Chi Lin, who is also the member of Ma-Te Lin. He has mixed folk, indie pop and post rock styles into the songs. As a duo, they show their unlimited talents.

On their new EP “Insignificant Secret” (次等秘密), they have cooperated with many talented musicians, and the record has been well received .”The City is Eating Me Alive” (食人夢) probably will be the new answer of pop music culture.


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