Vaya Futuro

Vaya Futuro are steadfast and solid again with the release of their highly anticipated new LP, “Tips para ir de viaje”. The newly released album is a collection of songs that goes through various moods and feelings.

It is noticeable that the musicians entertained themselves in the process; but also that they meditated well on their assembly.

The richness of sounds and themes included in the “Tips to go on a trip” can respond, among other things, to the series of changes that the group has experienced in 2017.

In silence, at midnight when I write this review and listen to the album again, sounds the last track, which shocks me and closes my throat for a moment. “6 AM” is a song that reminds us of the fragility of life, of what we are, of our existence, of our future… melody that reminds us that, at 6 AM, the sun comes out again, and thus, a new trip…


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