Algodón Egipcio

If the pixelized and positively perplexing new single from Algodón Egipcio is representative for his upcoming second LP, then we’re going to hear one of the most fascinating Venezuelan releases of the recent years.

Algodón Egipcio (Egyptian Cotton) is a solo project of the singer-songwriter and producer Cheky Bertho, earlier known from the Caracas duo Jóvenes y Sexys. Now based in Mexico D.F., he cut’n’pasted “Multiestabilidad” from samples of Mark Fell’s experimental album “Multistability”.

Steering a straightforward vocal line through the glitchy mix, Bertho once again shows how blurred the line between a song and an experiment has become. And that over the last five years since his previous work, “La Lucha Constante”, Bertho has become a gorgeously ambiguous artist himself.


Photo credit: Alexander-Hung

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