Claudia Prieto

Claudia Prieto is a very observant and sincere songstress from the very hot city of Maracaibo. In her first and very homemade-crafted album, “Portátil”, she displays a character that contrasts with her sweet tone.

Just by analyzing some of her lyrics like “Deja a tu novia y vámonos a Mérida” (“Leave your girlfriend and let’s go to Mérida”) you can tell that she wrote this album in the intimacy of her bedroom and that adds-up some magic and tenderness to her compositions.

While the whole album belonged to the best Venezuelan releases of 2015, here’s the latest single off this record, a sunny acoustic song “Amor Analgésico” accompanied by a simple yet imaginative video directed by Juan Pablo Nuñez.

You can stream “Portátil” in its entirety here.


Claudia Prieto on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud.

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