Vera Jónás Experiment

The Vera Jónás Experiment is a really mysterious band. Vera Jónás is a singer-songwriter who is way more than just that.

Sometimes she performs alone in a ruin pub, sometimes she sings with a full band at her own sold-out concert in the Palace of Art. Being out of the boxes is a challenge for her (as she explained in an interview). Despite that she surely finds her own audience from Budapest to Tokyo.

Not just the way she performs can be different, but her songs themselves as well with so many different influences. Her music includes elements of funk, jazz, blues, rock, pop music or sometimes really progressive and alternative notes too. Strong and confident, Vera’s voice is undoubtedly the dominant tone of the Vera Jónás Experiment.

What makes Vera Jónás even more interesting is that she’s one of a few Hungarian musicians who have studied contemporary music. This kind of professionalism is absolutely visible (or hearable) in the brave way she mixes all kinds genres.

But the fact that she is a true musician is evident for the first sight – watching her during a concert is always a pleasure, so don’t miss her if you have the possibility.

Stream Vera Jónás Experiment’s new album “Tiger, Now!” on Soundcloud.


Photo: Totisz Tamás

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