Breezy vocals, nervous beats, and lyrics in Dutch.

Véras recorded his new EP “Dectructie” (“Dectruction”) after a recent break up. It can be a bit painful to see artists go through a tough time before releasing beautiful music, but Véras is no exception.

His recent single “Tyfoon” (“Typhoon”) is a moody and pulsating track that combines breezy vocals with nervous beats. It ends with a poignant voice recording where Véras tries to explain his depressive feelings.

Just like more and more young acts in the Netherlands, Véras is singing in Dutch. Recently newspaper Trouw calculated that this year at the prominent showcase festival Noorderslag 43% of the Dutch acts sang in their mother tongue, while this was just 17,5% twenty years ago.

As for Véras, the Dutch lyrics make his songs feel intimate and honest and we can’t wait to hear the rest of his new work.

The EP “Dectructie” will be released later this year via the well known Dutch label Excelsior Recordings (Canshaker Pi, Jacco Gardner, Johan).


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