Norway’s aptly named Verdensrommet (Space) keep pushing the boundaries of their stylistic range, gracefully steering between R&B, free jazz and hip-hop on their latest track “Aldri igjen”.

Released almost a year ago, their self-titled debut album was a kaleidoscopic experience combining unexpected turns, catchy tunes, Norwegian lyrics and a dense atmosphere. On their new effort, Verdensrommet take this stylistic and emotional motley to a next level, especially that the basic version of the song is accompanied by four cosmic remixes.

On “Aldri igjen” (“Never Again”), they also sound livelier and more confident than ever, which is partly owed to the guest appearance of Onge $ushimane from the Bergen duo $ushi x Kobe. And the best news is that Verdensrommet promise more music soon.

Photo: Synne Sofi Bårdsdatter Bønes

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