With hard beats and ambient-like guitar soundscapes, Verdensrommet keeps on evolving.

They started out as an indie band but Verdensrommet quickly turned into a more urban direction. In their music, you’ll find hard beats combined with ambient like guitar soundscapes. With “Verdensrommet” meaning space or the universe, it all makes perfect sense. The two-piece has invented their own musical universe or even genre. Just listen.

The title of their new album, “Allting tar slutt“, translates to “Everything comes to an end”. But this album rather seems be just another beginning. One of the things that sets this record apart from their earlier releases is a bigger variation in sound and instrumentation. One of the highlights are the string arrangements on “Alene” and “Alltid Med”.

The duo is made up of Vetle Junker and Andreas Høvset, both from Skien. The pair is an important part of the current flourishing music scene in the rainy city of Bergen. Junker has produced for Eirik Aas and played live with Aurora. Høvset also has a solo project as Charlie Skien. Verdensrommet’s side project is Softcore Untd – which also consists of Emir Hindic and Mathias Humlen from $ushi x Kobe.

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Photo: Fredrik Fernando Austad

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