Victoria Hanna

Israeli singer-rapper Victoria Hanna has stuttered since childhood. But this inborn speech disorder might have been the greatest gift for her, as it led her to explore the boundaries of sound and diction.

Today she mixes modern hip hop from ancient experimenting with music styles, the Hebrew language and her own voice. She plays with letters, sounds, and religious references – which seems natural for her as she’s a daughter of a Sephardi Rabbi.

Born in one of Jerusalem’s religious neighborhoods, Victoria initially studied in ultra-orthodox institutions away from the city’s secular population. But then acting in movies and plays as well as travelling abroad opened her to inspirations from around the world.

Together with the producer Tamir Muskat, she’s currently working on her first full album – to be released soon. But she’s already presented the spectacular video “Aleph Bet (Hoshana)”, which relates to the prayer for rain, a part of the “Hoshanot” ritual. The clip was directed by Asaf Korman, and features Victoria in two roles, as a teacher and a student.


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