Jase Nguyen

One of this year’s most splendid videos comes from acclaimed Vietnamese producer Jase Nguyen.

Based in Ho Chi Minh, Jase Nguyen has been complicating beats for 10 years already, with a couple more years of training in his bedroom before joining first the Vietnamese scene – now as the guy behind The Beats Saigon – and then international jungle / dubstep / hip-hop / reggage circles.

In the last few years, DJ Jase has been delivering us infectious, sometimes spontaneous tracks that celebrate the in-betweenness of the current musical landscape, sampling both audio material and whole genres as his imagination desires at the moment.

The best possible starting point to his discohraphy is “Về Với Em Đi”, a track he shared many years ago, but which this summer received an incredible video treatment

Check out DJ Jase’s latest tracks right here and read more about The Beats Saigon here.


Jase Nguyen on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

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