Only starting his live career this month, Vilde is a name you can expect to see on festival posters all around the world soon.

Vilde is Thomas Savage, a Melbourne-born, Stockholm-based singer-songwriter, whose music – in a similar vein to Alt-J for example – puts as much experiment and exploaration as it’ possible in works that preserve the standard song structure and usually don’t last more than 4-5 minutes.

He already has quite an impressive catalogue both quantity- quality-wise – though the latter obviously is what keeps us including his tracks in our monthly Best Of playlists. Especially if you realise this project was born officially less than a year ago. And only this Friday he’ll play his first-ever live show in Berlin, with a follow up in London on July 29th.

His latest song, “Fully Fledged”, released at the end of June, is actually his longest yet, but not less intense as anything he’s done before. It also showcases his signature multi-layered vocals and haunting falsettos.

For a more mellow experience (this time reminding you a bit about the best Radiohead ballads), check out his May track “Tecopa Pupish“, and for visual element add his recent video “Weathered” to you playlist.

After a series of remarkable singles – he did keep his promise to release one single a month, which is impressive again by the way – and after his first video and live experiences, we do believe he’s now ready for his first full-length release.

Edit: here is Vilde’s latest video, “Maintain”, which arrived just after we posted this article:


Photo: Liam Warton

Vilde on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud.

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