Vinyl Suicide

“Homeward Bound” is the debut album of a five-piece band that is based in Athens and it was released a few weeks ago by the independent label of The Sound Of Everything.

Vinyl Suicide were kind enough to send us their first full length album which is probably one of the most interesting LPs that has come to our stereo systems from the – English spoken – Greek scene in the last days.

Significantly influenced by the indie pop/rock music of the 80’s, the album is a mishmash of melodic, dark oriented compositions and maybe that lists them in the category of bands like Interpol, The Xx or Deerhunter.

Having lovely catatonic – but at a times powerful – female vocals, warm melodies that melt your soul like an Xmas candle, haunted synths and sharp guitar riffs, they could guide you safely and wonderfully to their well-structured songs with aerial harmonies.

“Pictures Of You” is one of the album’s most striking tracks, a dreamy plunge into their retro-twist melancholy and rhythmic pop sensibility.

You can preview “Homeward Bound” here.


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