Viona’s being herself again on her new album, which means she’ll make you both excited and uncomfortable.

Takahara Suiko says that her job is “to condense general misery into somewhat cohesive songs”, and the secret behind her youthfull look is depression. Yet somehow her music has always been bright-spirited and often making you smile with all those little quirks and swings.

Her latest album under Viona moniker brings her trademark weirdness to a new level, though there are also some more predictable songs, which is a kind suprise too.

Suiko’s music is in-your-face, quirky and blood-and-guts honest. But the most important thing is that she would have no qualms with making you feel uncomfortable if it means being herself. An absolute refreshing change from the largely-overpolite and safe local music scene.

Stream “Himpunan Lagu Rakyat” LP on Spotify and YouTube.


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Photo: @mosestzj

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