The lockdown period is fortunately – for now – over in Greece, but some of the few positive side-effects are here to remind us that creativity stood beside us in those difficult days and came out in great forms

“We miss record stores, vinyl bazaars, festivals and concerts and we look forward to returning to normality. But music still connects us, even during our private listening sessions at home” mentions the record label Inner Ear, based in Patras, for its new compilation.

Called “Virus Positions (A Quarantine Music Collection)”, it was released a few days ago, on the occasion of the recent quarantine that occurred in Greece during the months of March & April 2020.

The 14 songs, all from a pretty A-list of favourite indie bands and leading musicians, are new, unreleased songs, plus some live versions and interesting covers. The first one that is opening the compilation, the “Beginning Of The Εnd” by Johnny Labelle, is probably one of this release’s highlights and the leading English-spoken song, with an addictive baritone style welcoming us majestically.

Therefore, some indie pop darlings of the label, like Prins Obi and My Wet Calvin, coexist harmonically with electronic music pioneers and loyal ambassadors of the genre, such as Mikael Delta, Mechanimal, Sundayman and May Roosevelt.

Few contributions with Greek lyrics are here, but they all are quite fabulous, especially the ones by MAZOHA, ΦΩΝΟΠΤΙΚΟΝ and Dury Dava’s cover of a Bazooka’s song.

This is a tasty compilation that gathers songs from some of the most respectful musicians and promising fresh names, a fine selection of Greece’s underground music scene, running the gamut of folk, rock, post punk and electronic music.

You can download the compilation for free, stream and embrace it here.


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