Vivienne Mort

Dark, beautiful new album from one of Ukraine’s most ethereal – and celebrated – bands Vivienne Mort.

It’s been over 10 years since Vivienne Mort launched their career in Kyiv and since then, they’ve gathered an impressive fanbase not just in Ukraine.

There are many reasons for their growing recognition: dark atmosphere of their songs, immediate melodies, both beautiful and powerful vocals of the frontwoman Daniella Zayushkina, and constantly great sound of the band.

It is more than ever true about their latest full-length effort, “Досвід” (“Dosvid”), whose title could be translated as “Experience”.

Zayushkina likes to ask questions rather than answer them in her songs, therefore the impression you’ll get from the music itself might be as illuminating as the lyrics would if you were able to undestand it.

But if you still need a hint, there’s still the cover of the record which rightly suggests “Досвід” is about fears, especially those subconscious ones, fears about things we cannot control.

However, be assured that in spite of all those shadows, Daniella Zayushkina is not someone who would let the darkness have the final word.

Stream “Досвід” LP on Soundcloud and YouTube.


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