Vivienne Mort

Vivienne Mort is a popular Ukrainian band formed in 2007. Since then, the band’s recorded five albums and has gathered a pretty big fanbase.

Recently, they have released an EP called “Rosa” which consists of 7 songs, including atmospheric intro and outro. The band is known for their melancholic dark music and sad lyrics, and in “Rosa” all the songs are tense and deep. The only romantic track on the EP is called “Ptashechka” (Пташечка), or “Bird”, and we think it’s a highlight of the album.

The voice of Daniella Zayushkina is easily recognized for its uniqueness and the emotions behind. In “Ptashechka”, she creates a unique atmosphere full of emotions. The lyrics are tragic, but still full of hope and love. The beautiful video for this song was shot in Mumbai, India.

As for the album “Rosa” and its name, Daniella says that it’s devoted to all the people who strive for peace and love. For those who are inspired to move forward by this desire.

The rose itself symbolizes all the people, because they are just like petals – similar and connected. And they also get the same blood through the unique scape, while the roots of this universe reach the sky.

You can stream “Rosa” EP in its entirety here.


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